My name is Mario Guzman and I am an Industrial Designer from Peru. I believe there is a need for expression in every culture and region. Each community like Montalcino and Carrara has vibrant culture that reflects the costumes and history of the area.

Since I have been working in design I got involved in multidisciplinary projects. In this process, I have partecipated in the Designer residency organized By MOs in Montalcino in 2016 and have been in charge by Carrara Design Factory and MOS of the design of an upcycled Marble Tableware. The identity of cities, the versatility of new materials and how all these factors can be used as a communication tool between countries is a challenging and refreshing aspect of design I enjoy working on.

This Tableware is made of pieces of marble that were discarded because of cracks or colour. Most of the marble produced in quarries (60%) is rejected and this situation is an opportunity to create new and innovating proposals. Hexagon provides a deeper manner to experience food. It is not only about food taste anymore, some other elements such as texture, smell, presentation, environment are very important. The texture of Hexagon provides a practical and visual effect. Hexagon not only stops elements of the meal to leave the plate but also the texture allows people to feel an extra sensation with their cutlery or fingers. Visually the distribution can offer a wide combination of shapes.