I was born and raised in Rome (1992), inspired by the multi-layered great beauty of my city that has spanned millennia; since a very young age I have always played with different materials as a tool of expression to shape my ideas and to see how they would look like in real life. Graduated in architecture (2014) at “Università degli Studi Roma Tre”, I then moved to London where I am currently doing the MA course “Visual Arts: Designer Maker” at the University of the Arts of London.

Concurrently I am leading a freelance carrier as an artist, working in collaboration with galleries, private clients as well as real-estate companies for installations and more one-off pieces. 

For the MOS design workshop I designed a wine cooler, taking advantages from the natural thermic qualities of marble and inspiration from the long-held tradition that  Carrara marble has with food. I aimed to design a product that can maximise the use of marble wastes as each piece comes straight from the marble coring cylinders discarded by the industrial productions.

The object selected by Carrara Design Factory  is multifunctional and allows the user to play with it and its own function. Coring cooler can be used as a tableware sculpture, a glass holder as well as a vase when the wine bottle is not in it. The marble discs can be slid off from the brass bar and reassembled again by people every time in a different way, therefore everyone can create their own unique piece playing with the nuances and the  patterns inherent in every block of marble.