« Sartoria Acustica Italiana » di Care Orchestra

The passion for details, the search for purity of sound, solutions combining quality, aesthetics and
balance, reproducing every nuance of music and bringing the listener to the centre of the stage. Years
dedicated to the unique design of loudspeakers, the selection of components and forms and the attention to construction details, are reflected in objects sought for an elite audience. All our products are made in
Italy, manufactured and finished by hand to make them stylish and unique, respecting the sustainability and environment. The assembly of wood, the finishing, the lacquering and the polishing, the cutting of the leather, the stitching, the sound testing…. all is made with the craftsmanship and the passion for music setting us apart. Manual customizations of the product finishes are endless: colourful skins, fine leathers, application of gold leaf, fabrics, woods and glossy or opaque lacquers and now, marble.

This passion for design, the great attention to the detail and the artisan manufacturing, typical of Made in Italy, have created this collaboration between Care Orchestra and Carrara Design Factory, by combining noble materials, such as marble, its secular craftsmanship with the most advanced acoustic technology.