Carla Beccari

Carla Beccari , born in Honduras in 1971 but of Carrara origin. With a Minor University Degree in computer science in Honduras, moved to Carrara in 1992 to earn a degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature at the University of Pisa. With the coming of the internet, she decided to return to follow her computer skills and she earned her MBA in E -Business and E-Commerce at the Catholic University of Milan. Recently she has attended a Master at the Politecnico di Milano and she has decided to do her dissertation on a topic sometimes fascinating her: the use of discarded marble, that represents an invaluable waste of a precious natural resource. Therefore , she decided to create the Carrara Design Factory brand, dedicated to create objects and furniture design with a conscious use of this precious material. The challenge is also to focus particularly on marketing and communication through the various social networks and on the online sale through an e-commerce platform: www.carraradesignfactory.it.

Graphic Design
Leonardo Gasperetti
Partner of Mizar Italia Sas Divisione Design

Stefano Spinetti


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