About Carrara Design Factory

"You see a block, think about the image:
The image is inside; you have just to strip it."

Michelangelo Buonarruoti

Carrara Design Factory was founded in 2014 with the aim to promote the precious marbles of Carrara and its unique characteristics  highlighted and unveiled by the creative minds of our team of designers and architects, throughout the ability and know how of the craftsmanship tradition that has lasted over the centuries in the city of Carrara.

The marble of Carrara is a very special variety of marble that for its purity in colour and unique fine texture is considered as one of the most renowned marble variety all over the world.

This precious material has embellished religious buildings, palaces, and villas since the Roman Empire, to become very popular with Michelangelo’s artworks during the Renaissance.

This is a tradition which has not stopped yet because now, as then, the greatest sculptors and architects in the world choose this unique material for their projects.

Nowadays, modern machinery and techniques donate more malleability, flexibility and lightness to this heavy and hard material, allowing a whole new use of it in design, architecture and sculpture.

But Marble is an abstraction, for every single piece that is detached from the mountain, will not be regenerated by it, and this is Carla Beccari’s challenge, Carrara Design Factory founder, to enhance the uniqueness of every single piece of this precious material, through the creativity of famous architects and designers and sculptures throughout the world.

Carrara Design Factory presented its first collection Marble unveiled …or Marvel Unveiled   during the Milan Fuori Salone in 2015 . It was inspired by the famous Michelangelo quote: unique, exclusive and precious design objects hidden in the rock, created mainly with the most precious marble varieties of Carrara basin.

The Carrara Design Factory project is to continue a tradition lasting over two millenia, through the ethics and the aesthetics interpreted by the designers involved in the project: a high percentage  of the Carrara Marble is very often left unused and discarded, representing an invaluable waste of a precious natural resource. Lorenzo Damiani, Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti, Victoria Wilmotte, Marco Guazzini, Kossi Aguessy, Stefania Di Petrillo, Tsukasa Goto and Sylvestre Gauvrit have decided to take the challenge to create objects and furniture design with a conscious use of this precious exhaustible resource.”, states Carla Beccari, the Founder. 

Our passion for an attentive research of materials, with the aim to enhance the uniqueness of every single piece of this limited and precious resource, the collaboration with artisans and manufacturers with limitless tradition, expertise and knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation, capable of unveiling all the beauty that nature has created, and the talent  of our renewed architects and designers, has allowed us to give life to amazing products and projects .

We love to experiment and to promote the culture of this precious materials thought a community of attentive thinkers and creative minds . That is why we decided to partecipate in the organization of a Designers Residency in 2016 in collaboration with Matter of Stuff, a London based creative studio.

New creative minds were consequently added to our team: Tomas Libertiny, Olga BielevskaNina Cho, Ariel Zuckerman, an UUfie Studio. They challenged us to experiment new production techniques and it resulted in an astonishing collection of objects that were presented in various famous design events in the world. 

We also love to be involved by the curiosity and the thinking out of the box of young uncontaminated minds: 16 Students from Camberwell College of Art spent a week between Montalcino and Carrara. The workshop focus was on marble waste use to create an object of tableware curated by Matter of Stuff.

Our team of creative minds has now grown to more than thirty among which we have architects, designers, sculptors and students . They have all learned a lot about the materials and  processing techniques, but we have also learned from their talent and curiosity .

Our dream is to continue promoting our tradition while helping others give life to their dreams and unveil their creation that is hidden within the stone, be it a sculpture , a design object , a piece of furniture or  a cut to size architecture or interior design project .

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